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How Wireless Internet Works


In addition to a variety of other services, the Edge Group is the leading supplier of wireless Internet in North Georgia. Available in more areas than most DSL, cable and fiber Internet, wireless Internet is helping to connect those in underserved parts of the country to the World Wide Web.

Understanding Fixed Wireless Internet

Fixed wireless Internet connects customers to the Internet via radio waves, instead of phone lines or cables. These signals travel to and from a transmission tower which is set up in your local area. Most users have a tower, which is similar to a cell phone tower, within 15 miles of their home. In fact, proximity of the tower to the userís location is critical to service.

A transceiver antenna must be used by the consumer in order to receive the radio waves. The major difference between fixed wireless Internet and satellite Internet is the much shorter distance data travels - from the ground station tower to the end user only, instead of into outer space. This lessens the chance of weather disruptions.

The Advantages of Fixed Wireless Internet

Fixed wireless Internet brings you several advantages.

The Limitations of Fixed Internet

While mostly an advantageous service for customers, there are some limitations to fixed Internet service.

Choose the Edge Group for your fixed wireless Internet needs. Call today to get your questions answered and to schedule installation.

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