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Web Hosting Services

We provide local access servers for your web hosting needs. no more technical support calls to Austria or some other unknown place. We have an independent power system that will operate stand-alone for 2 weeks without grid power. Dedicated ATM link to Qwest 's backbone as well as local teleco carrier access and  an  independent satellite 2.5gb/s link to UUNET's backbone.

Key Benefits


Plan I” Basic Consumer Hosting Package

One Time Set-Up Fee--$25.00-$9.95 per Month Includes:

1--10 MB Web Space

2--Secure Server (SSL)

3--24-Hour FTP Access

4--Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Support

5--No Ads or Banners

7--Free Hit-Counter and Form by Mail

*Hosted on Linux Server 

Plan II”Enhanced Consumer Hosting Package

One Time Set-Up Fee--$100-$24.95 per Month Includes:

1--50 MB Web Space

2--5 E-Mail Accounts

3--Secure Server (SSL)

4--24-Hour FTP Access

5--Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Support

6--No Ads or Banners

7--Free Hit-Counter and Form by Mail

*Hosted on Windows 2000/NT 4.0 Server

**UNIX / Linux Server also Available


Plan III”Basic Business Site Hosting Package

One Time Set-Up Fee--$100-$49.95 per Month Includes:

1--100 MB Web Space

2--www.yourdomain.com Hosted

3--unlimited E-Mail Accounts

4--Secure Server (SSL)

5--24-Hour FTP Access

6--Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Support

7--No Ads or Banners

8--Your Own CGI-BIN

9--Free Hit-Counter and Form by Mail

10--Access Statistics and Accounting

11--In-House Development System

12--Courtesy Dial-Up Line

13--Free Basic Corporate Presence Web Site--Up to 10 Pages---with 1-year contract

*Hosted on Windows 2000/NT 4.0 Server **UNIX /Linux Server Available

Additional Services Available

1--Domain Registration Service---$70-2 Years

2--Custom Web Application Development---$45-$90- per Hour

3--Increased Storage Space---$10- per 100 MB- per Month

4--E-Commerce/EDI Interface---Inquire for Detailed Pricing

5--Outsourced Microsoft Exchange E-mail Services ---Inquire for Detailed Pricing

6--Database connectivity to MySQL, Microsoft SQL 6.5/7.0 Database---$50- per Month

7--Access to Microsoft BackOffice Family Products---$20- per Month

8--On Line Back-Up Services---$5- per 100 MB- per Month

9--Server Co-Locations---$50- per Month

10--Access to Integrated Application Suite and Development Platform-via Windows 2000Terminal Server---$20- per Month

Includes: Office 2003 Professional, Visual Studio 6.0, FrontPage 2003, Adobe Acrobat PageMaker and Photoshop

References available upon request

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